To start off with, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum - I was quite unsure of where to post this. Feel free to move it, or guide me to the correct forum.

I'm going away on holidays in a week, and seeing as I'm not allowed to bring my guitar, I was wondering if there were any exercises that can be done without a guitar to improve dexterity, co-ordination, finger independence, etc?

Thanks in advance!
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Touch your thumb to your index, then your ring, then your middle, then your pinky and then do it in reverse...that's what I do.

Then do that thing where people tap their fingers on the table like index-middle-ring-pinky backwards.

Thats all i know. *shrug*
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theres this thing thats like the first 7 frets of a guitar witha headtsock i forgot the name its small and portable
ive seen these little finger exercise machines for a few bucks, and their pocket size, so maybe u could find one of those and buy it
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theres this thing thats like the first 7 frets of a guitar witha headtsock i forgot the name its small and portable

Shredneck i want one of those so bad.

i do the spider crawl in Raining blood on a table *pinky, ring, index, pinky, middle, index*

it`s helped me huge, i finally can KINDA play that crazy part in Raining Blood now because of that
Shrednecks are useless.

You don't finger notes for the hell of it, you do it to create a sound. That sound is how you know if your fretting correctly. Without sound there's no way of knowing if your technique is correct, therefore "practicing" with something like a shredneck is pointless.

Likewise your fretting technique is intrinsically linked to your right hand technique, practicing one on it's own is of limited value.
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When I'm at school I just tap by fingers on the desk as quickly as possible, and continue doing that until they cease to move
goooooooo air guitar, its like the male version of singing into a hairbrush.
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Take a peice of wood and 6 elastic bands.
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i did that fingers on the desk thing for years in school (years before i got a guitar) and it may have helped alittle.

if you can't actually practice technique, you could always study or start learning a small amount of theory instead. print up a lesson or two if you wont be able to get online wherever youre going. you could either get a very very small amount of experience for your technique, or you could get a noticeable, usable amount for theory.
I carry a small rubber ball and I have one of those Gripmaster things but they are more to excersie my fingers not really to practice technique. I find the best way is to actually play the guitar. I have seen those practice guitars things never tried one but for future reference there are all kinds of travel guitars you might want to look into if your worried about not being able to play for sometime because you can't take your guitar with you.