I was just wondering if many people are actually using the effects loop, if they have one. I don't use a lot of pedals (2 or 3) but some have huge pedal boards ... if you have a pedal board then I guess none of those are going through an effects loop?

I have my chorus in the effects loop and it sounds fine, but my Phase 90 is just way overbearing when its in the effects loop.

Does anyone ever run an overdrive or similar on the effects loop?
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some people like the sound of OD in the loop, some don't.
Alot of people with pedal-boards may have seperate outs for such things, so that they can have pedals on the board going to the loop and also going in front of the amp.

I would use my FX loop if I had some more cables
i personally like my OD before amp....tightens my sound up a lil i think anyhow, especially since i have a 5150 and i cant play it cranked a whole heck a lot of the time...gettin an attenuator soon i think....but anyhow i put the chorus and delay in my effex loop, i dont know if this is "right or wrong" but i liked the results a heck of a lot more in the loop.
it really depends on how you want your effects sound to run,

i put OD in front of the amp because i want it to push my tubes, putting an OD after is kind of just adding to the overdrive of your amp,

things like delays and mod effects sound nice in the fx loop because it works after the amp tone instead of altering it between your guitar and the amp....do i even make sense? i dont know,

theres no right or wrong, its all about experimentation, what sounds like ass for someone might sound like gold for you.

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I always put Delays in the FX loop cause the sound like crap if not, other than that all my OD's Tuners Fuzz whatever goes right into the input jack
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... makes sense to me I figured the time based and phase stuff should go into the loop - but, has anyone had a phaser sounding overbearing while in the loop? My MXR Phase 90 just sounds totally different while in the effects loop and boosts the treble end 'till it almost hurts the ears. Sounds completely different up front in the line on the input jack < ? >

Thanks for the super fast replies!
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I keep my OD and one stage of noise reduction in front of the amp, everything else is in the loop.

It's easy to use the loop with a large pedalboard, you just run into the issue of having a mess of cables to deal with, and long cable runs that can impact your tone.
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I've got my eq and volume pedal in the loop everything else out front.. But then again my everything else is a noise supressor and 4 od pedals lol
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I used my Effects loop when I had one. I kind of miss it now because all my modulation effects sounded like crap in front of the amp.

Generally speaking I have ODs, Boosts, Phasers, Tuners, Wahs and Fuzzes in front of my amp and I have Delays, Chorus, Reverb and EQ through the loop.
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I just run everything through the input...you will only notice a subtle difference on a few pedals; timing and modulation pedals, etc.
I have my delay and phaser going through the loop. It means a lot of fannying around with extra cables and connections but it's worth it for how much better they sound in the loop.
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Only thing in the loop for me is delay. Mind you, I only use an OD and noise canceling box beside the delay, but oh well...
I like having an FX loop. Chorus and delay works alot better there. As long as good cables are used and the effects are buffered signal loss isnt an issue. That and my pedals arent that far from the amp. The epi VJ I just got doesnt have an FX loop, yet but will soon.
I use my EQ in the loop. It sounds like ass just plugged in front.
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