Here's the amp I bought:

We all know the Fenders don't have a great high overdrive so I'm having a hard time getting the right crunch out of it. I play stuff like Iron Maiden, KISS, Dio, Airbourne, Cinderella ... nothing way out there but I think I need something.

I have an MXR Distortion III pedal going into the clean channel with the MXR gain maxed out - the playing of MXR volume & Fender volume is tricky. The Fender is so loud. I would have thought this MXR Distortion III pedal would have more distortion than I need, but maybe I just don't have everything dialed in right.

Does anyone use a pedal with this amp - what settings do you have? Is placing the pedal on the clean channel the best place for it? Because of volume differences, i basically give up the use of a clean channel ... could I put this MXR on the drive channel and do any better?

Perhaps you know of a better pedal (Pro Co, etc)?

I'm not looking for death metal ... just some rock like I described above and a volume level that is not too loud - I really have to crank this amp to get it to sound great, but then it is WAY too loud.

Suggestions on setup for this Fender?
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The fender is not voiced for metal at all. TBH I'd return that amp if I could and look for something different. Those first three bands you listed use marshall if I"m not mistaken, something you're probably not gonna get out of the fender for cheap, and by that time you could have just put that money towards an amp that would do those sounds better.
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i too have a HRD, and i CAN get a pretty good sound out of it (with just a tubescreamer dx (maxed)), but like you said, it needs to be cranked to get it. but i live in a place where i can do that without problem, so yeah.

maybe go get an attenuator? that would seem like the most logical thing to me if i were in your shoes. aside from a different amp. like kevin said, when i think metal, i dont immediately think fender.
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... <sigh> that's what I was thinking I'd hear I have house ina sub-division, but with the doors closed, and playing pretty loud, a person can hear it across the street in their driveway. Volume maybe at 3 or 4. So, even in a house, I cannot really crank it up too much either.

Sure looks good - sound isn't that bad. I'm not a great player, but have a listen here - this is volume about 1.5 with an MXR Distortion III ... see what you think about the tone?

The playing may not be too good but what do you think about the amp tone for that type of music?
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The fender is just voiced too bright, doesn't have enough mids either. I know kiss and maiden used marshalls, jcm800s if I'm not mistaken. The rest of those bands probably used something similar. For the price of that hot rod you probably could've picked up a used jcm800, plus a boost and you'd be in hair metal heaven.

If you want new I think a traynor ycv50blue would work great, maybe the ycs50 though I've never had a chance to try it, I've just heard good things about it.
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I'd have to agree with Kev about returning it and grabbing a Traynor or used JCM 800. Even with something like a tubescreamer your HRD isn't going to have enough overdrive for Maiden or Kiss.