First of all, i don't have pictures. This makes it rediculously difficult to describe, but i'll try anyways.

I know for a fact that it is a randall series head, with a half stack cabinet. There is no model label or anything on the amp head or cabinet, although the cabinet does say 412JT on it.

It's a tube amp, very old at that. I think it's either 100 or 150 watts.

My cousin bought both of them back in the 90's for around $750, he says.

I swore that the head said 'STB Series' or something on the back, but i can't quite remember (the amp is at a friend's house)

I've searched every single thing i can think of on google, google images, ebay, the equipment reviews here on ug.com, but nothing. and yes, i checked the randall website. its not on there...probably because it's at least 10 years old.

i know that this is very vague info/not very much to go by but if anyone has any info, please...i'm dying to know the actual specs on this thing.
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Well, without any concrete details nobody can help you mate.

i'm aware. just taking a stab in the dark. i myself dont have any concrete details, even if i had a picture of the amp. there is practically no text on this entire thing