Some good riffs in there...Industrial isnt really MY thing, so im not real familiar with what "good or bad" would be, haha. But from a riff standpoint as i said i liked em. Few of of the pauses kinda threw me off, haha, felt like a real long transition or somethin, but maybe that was the idea. Sounds like a pretty good hand work out with all the trem picking, haha. Cool intro, and the recording quality wasnt too shabby either. Would like to offer more but as i said im not too familiar with industrial.


riff1 if u got a min, just whipped it up earlier kinda thinkin bout usin it some kinda song, haha, just dont quite know what yet...rough btw

if that doesnt work

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At first I didn't really like the intro riff, but with the lead it works pretty well. Like the guy above me, I don't know much about industrial so I'll crit more from a riff standpoint. I think some of your longer pauses, transitions, are a bit awkward without drums or bass behind it because right now it just seems to be more of an awkward pause. You had a few riffs in there that could work with something, but the flow seemed a bit random. Maybe write a few more riffs that connect will and stick them in and this'll improve.
Yeah ^ wasn't much of a fan of intro riff either, the song wasnt bad tho, needs to flow through a little smoother tho. With work, can be a good thing.
Alright thanks for the crits guys, i wrote the riffs, melodies etc.. withen half and hour and spent about two recording. I made this mostly to practice recording.