I've been playing guitar for awhile now, and I suck at it. I cant even play barre chords.. Can anyone tell how do you practice barre chords?? is there any trick i should know about?how long should I practice a day? how hard do you have to press the strings??

in order of appearence:
1. Yes/No you can be SHOWN how to play but it is YOU that has to practice to learn.
2. No trick. Keep your fingers firm and arched. develop strength.
3. until your hands start to hurt if you really want to learn. an hour or two if youre just fukn around.
4.hard enough to make a sound
im sorry dude but there are no tricks to it.
just practice, practice, practice, i remember when i couldnt even do it, i couldnt hit the strings cleanly now i can switch between them fairly quickly.

just practice until your hand is tired, once you can learn to barre you learn to change to it, A to F, C to F, D to F etc etc
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