I want to make a collection of disign bass's like so for around my house

i make about 160 a week on this job, and im getting a second one making about 200 a week, so around 1250 a month all together, so any tips on exotic bass's or guitars?

and i can borrow money from my parents if need be

You mean designer basses? Why? Wouldn't it be better just to have an awesome rig?
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By "make a collection" do you actually mean "buy a collection"? Because it would be awesome if you made outlandish basses as decorations. However, buying exotic basses just to collect them is much less awesome. Your profile says you have a band. Why not spend that money on your rig instead?
^ What he said.

An '86 T-bird is fine, but there's quite a few things it just can't do...another usable bass might be a good thing. Also, what amp do you have? Amps can always use upgrades...
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