to my dismay;

Peavey Classic 50 head, one of the earlier ones. Black tweed. 50watts @ 4EL84s, fresh JJ el84s installed, damn near fresh JJ preamps. It's in good shape, no tears or anything like that. wear from age, but that's it. things a monster for cleans, so lush sounding, but will bite if you make them. dirt is crunchy heaven. if you buy it, I'll throw in a set of practically new EHXel84s. would like to see 400$ ship'd/pp'd

also, Ampeg 4x12 slant cab. I have no idea what model it is, but it came with V30s. It's currently got v30s/g12t-75s in an X. it's in practically new shape, no marks that I can see on it anywhere. if you're anywhere near local, 275$, I could ship if you really wanted to pay the shipping..

you can see both items here:

DOD 431Q 31band rack eq. thing is tits, and with the output can create a ferocious boost. has an in/out switch for EQ on/off, low cut, both 1/4 and XLR in/outs

I was thinking like 75$ shipped on this bad boy, or make an offer. I have the original instructions and rack mount stuff.

spare parts laying around: computer guys; ATI radeon x1300 PCI video card, works great, 25$ shipped.

more to come :wave:

EDIT: ****ing, **** it. I'm putting up my LTD, too. This is an early 90s I believe, ESP LTD M-10, made in korea. It's upgraded beyond belief. first, it's got schaller tuners, keeps tuning like none other. Pickups: bridge: seymour custom V, neck: Seymour jazz.
and finally, the most rad paintjob EVAR. It's painted white, but it's pearlescent, changes colors depending on the angle, including green, purple, red, and blue.. it's ****ing SICK on stage. The headstock reads: ESP CUSTOM, although it is an LTD. thing's a monster, but I just don't play it anymore.. make me an offer before I change my mind

note; the two black lines are electrical tape, and can be removed painfree, so yeah.. the pickup switch is also wired backwards, and the middle is a killswitch esq thing.
not that i need another guitar but i like the necks on most LTD's, how much for the guitar? and you interested in any trades for the EQ?
bump, 350$ on the classic 50.

adding seymour duncan custom V bridge and jazz neck, 55$ each or 100$ together.

normal spaced, look brand new.
You wanna sell me that 5150 head?

Where do you live, I may be interested in that Ampeg and possibly the 431 later on (and especially the 5150 if u wanna sell).
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Pitt Craiglist? if so i emailed you
Ibanez Jem 7 DB-K
5150 combo
Korg Tuner
head still available?

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Pickups for sale!