Please don't get that, it'll make you look like a tool.
If you must get an ESP in that price range, check out the B154DX, that looks so much nicer
Also in that price range is the Squier Vintage Modified, you may think it won't fit into a metalcore band, but trust me it will. And it plays like a dream. You could also try an Ibanez SR300, which is probably about as good as the Squier and possibly better than the ESP I would guess.
lol i rekon the esp is heaps sexy i should pull it off and ive also heard that the F154DX plays better than most fenders aswell.
Quote by lachyray
how does the B154DX play then? i might look into that one aswell

Well, I own the B-155 and I can tell you that it wont play better than Fenders. The bridge is pretty much crap and rattling like crazy. The pickups are pretty meh aswell. The only upside is the build which is pretty solid - although my wood has actually split in two at the headstock.
But it would have been an ok instrument - had it been $200 cheaper or so. Go with A Squier or Ibanez instead.
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