Christmas is almost here and i was wondering if you guys know and songs or music or have tabs to play during the Christmas Holidays. But i dont mean just like the classic jingle bells and we wish you a merry christmas for acoustic guitar, i mean songs like christmas canon rock that has some lead guitar playing in it with some sweeps and taping. I want to learn how to play some cool versions of the classics on my electric guitar with some distortion and with solos. So does anyone know something like that?
I want someone to PUNK tab a classic christmas tune!! Power chords ftw!
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Quote by Warewolf_n
Yeah but those are like the classic versions of christmas songs, what im looking for is like rock, metal or neo classical versions of christmas songs, the only example i can think of is christmas canon rock and joy to the world but its for an electric guitar

haha yeah I don't of anything like that but it would be kinda cool I guess

Edit: let me know if you find anything and I'll let you know if I find anything
carol of the bells by trans siberian orchestra look it up it actually has a guitar in it playing lead harmonies
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Yeah Trans siberian orchestra is the only 'group' that i know of that makes their own versions of the classic christmas song or just classic music, but i have come across some other versions of merry christmas with power chords, joy to the world all lead guitar and fur elise metal version lol