I was expecting something towards Blotted Science, with a name like that.

I like.
Idk, I guess you could call this melodic doom post-metal.

The piano brings teh doom.
I like all the nuances and intricacies of the dueling pianos and guitars.
It wasn't nesscessarily brutal in any sense, but it was brooding and dark.

Overall, the drum work, guitars, and pianos were well done.
Like a toasty steak.

I'm going through it again to see if I'm missing anything.
Where you influenced by The Absence on this?
It seems like you got some of their melodic sensibilities for epic...well, melodies.
As I go through through it once more, I think of this song as a duel between The Absence and Agalloch.

The ending came too quick.
If it's supposed to be a fade out, then I could see how it works.

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I think you'll like it.