I live in the Maldives so there isn't really much variety in the amps we get here. Getting any good sized amps would require a custom order which would also have a pretty large shipping and customs tag. The only amps available are from line 6 and marshal. The line 6 lowdowns and the marshal MB series. Neither have good reputations. I'm currently using a rather crappy "Stranger Cube 80" which is an amp made by some obscure indian company. The thing about it is that it's clean isn't that bad. It just lacks definition and drive. Kind of more like a speaker than an amp. So I was wondering if getting a Bass Floor Pod to use in combination would be worth it. I've often heard the lowdown amps being described as "a bass floor pod with crappy speakers". Getting the cash so I can order in another amp would in all honesty take atleast another 6 months (why bother ordering in something mediocre right?). Would a bass floor pod + my just ok amp be a good combination atleast for practice situations? I can just borrow someone elses amp if we need to play a gig.

Thanks guys
haha . . bro i use that same amp , stranger 80 cube . i'm also plagued by the same problem in my country ( bangladesh ) . being in a 3rd world country , its really tough to get hands on good equipment without spending a fortune on ordering it .