Where do you stand on the whole Plagarism issue between coldplay and Joe Satriani?

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F uck coldplay
2 67%
Music shouldn't be able to be copyrited
1 33%
0 0%
option 2 and option 1
0 0%
Voters: 3.
I don't give a shit - sorry, I really don't. There is already a discussion on this on the Homepage.
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Quote by Abunai X

I have not heard of this until now.

It was an article a few days ago that got like 300 comments. basically Coldplay are reputed to have ripped off one of Satrianis melodies for one of their horrible songs which is getting awards for some reason and Satriani is pissed off quite understandably
but there is a song by another band that pre-dates Satriani's by two years that is also quite similar