Hey guys,

I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on which gauge of strings to put on my guitar.....

It's a PRS Tremonti SE, and I use it as my "various tunings" guitar.

Generally, I use it for D standard, Drop C (just to clarify, I mean drop D a step down) and C standard......however I occasionally use it in open D too.

At the moment I have 10s on it, but I find them a bit floppy in the lower tunings.....but my concern is are 11s gonna be too tight in the higher tunings?

10-52s are always a good choice. Anything heavier is too. If 10s are too slinky, try 12-52s, or another variation. I recommend DR's for good tone in general.

edit: 11's should not be too tight, unless you have consistently soft hands.
I use 11s on both my guitars. They are both currently tuned a whole step down, but I also play them in standard. It's slightly harder getting anything further that a full bend but beyond that it's all relatively plain sailing. Going from 10 to 11 you won't notice too much difference.
Thanks for the advice, I'll probably slap some 11s on next time I re-string it and see how it feels.....I might give DRs a go too, I've heard good things about them! At the moment I use Ernie Balls purely because they're what I've always used...maybe it's time to mix it up a bit
get some daddario light top heavy bottoms, 10-52 i have them and they are great, perfect for all tunings the only thing is for standerd it raises my tremolo up about a milimeter off the body, not a big deal at all.
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Yeah, just get 0.11s. Toneful and good in drop tunings. Simple as that.
11's are good but so are 12's.
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10-52s are what i have on my RG. Theyre perfect, especially for D standard and Drop C.

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Quote by stratdud39
dont get 12s yet you could get carpeltunnel switching to fast.
11s might even be too much.
work up to 12s, dont go straight to them.

Might also warp the wood on the guitar, making too large of a change.
id say 11s or 12s. 11s will be best though seeing you dont go all the way to drop a on a regular basis, you can get by with the 11s
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I use 12s on my guitar in drop C....I dont find them hard to use, if I go any lighter I think alternet palm muting would be harder.