Ok, I'm in the process of getting a band together and I want to start off playing mostly covers. I was thinking that I could maybe throw in 1 or 2 originals in one set or something like that. It's so hard to find a venue that will except anything other than metal in my city....but anyways what do you guys think about that?

oh yeah my band consist of: a bassist, drummer, and me (the guitarist/vocalist)
A lot of bands start out like that. Actually, i recommend that. You may be a good guitarist/bassist/drummer/singer, but you might not be well-prepared to be in an environment that consists of other ppl apart from yourself. Covers are a great way to practice being in a band.
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its a good way to go, get your stage presence built,

im in a pop/punk sort of band, and when we started off, we played with bunch of metal bands cause thats all that was around at the time...it was strange, but it worked out...like any artistic venture, its all about people you know. So make friends with venue owners/managers and promoters, they dont care much what kind of music you play, as long as you dont suck too bad. good luck.

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It's so hard to find a venue that will except anything other than metal in my city

what city would that be?

On the first day of practice ask around for what covers they know. You guys could probably find a song to get into the mood and then you can show them the original you had in mind.

just dont show up to practice empty handed or else it will be a very boring jam session and they probably wont want to continue with the band.


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You say its hard to find a venue that accepts anything OTHER than metal? Go to bars. Adults dont want to hear drop B guitars and a screamin cookie monster on stage. They want to hear good old fashioned rock n roll so they can close their eyes and pretend they are back in the 70s again. Plus bars is where all the money is at. Can you guess why?
yea, play covers to start, you'll get bored of them eventually (for my band it was about a year) and then you'll have the band skills to start writing stuff. the motivation for my band doing our first original song was just to stop doing covers.. it was a s***y song but our second ever written song made it onto our EP
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