i have now built three little gem amps and decided to move on now. what is a good low wattage <20w tube amp that is not terribly complicated? i do not need reverb or anything just want the tube tone. the only schematics i can find are for marshall and fender's which are way more than i want.
Epiphone Valve Junior.

unless you want something more amazing. A lot of people seem to like this little amp though. should be simple, yet still a large step up.

please make sure you're ready for this and know what you're doing. don't ge tkilled by a charged filter cap.

have fun.
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Have you tried searching for the Fender Champ?
I know you said Fenders and Marshalls were to much but this is a real simple 6W amp. It's design is about as uncomplicated as you get and there are numerous "how to" guides available on the web if you do a search. It's got great tone too, real bluesy!!
Alternitivley why not buy a new Epi Valve Junior, Harley Benton GA5 or Fender Champ etc and mod it? It's a great way of learning.
AX84.com offers some nice tube amp kits. The P1 that they offer is one of the best starting kits for the price, and they have a lot of information on the site that will really help you understand what is going on in the circuit. An 18watt lite may be something else to look into as it is a very simple circuit.
I wanted to build something but went with modding the epi VJ. Ill work my way up to building from scratch.
When you say they are too much do you mean in terms of $$$ or do you mean too complicated?

If they are too complex then I would suggest you cross a Fender champ with a Tweed Deluxe. This champ preamp is about the simplest preamp you will find anywhere. The tweed deluxe is a simple power amp and if you use a tweed deluxe power amp then you can also be safe using a tweed deluxe transformers.

If it's too much money then you are going to need to settle for building a smaller amp. Larger amps need bigger transformers, more electrolytic capacitors, have bigger chassis, and all that means they cost more.
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