I've read a ton of great things about replacing the stock speaker on a VOX AD30VT with an 8ohm Eminence Ragin Cajun so I bought one last night.

Shortly after purchasing I noticed that my amp (the new VT30) only has a 4ohm stock speaker so i can only assume that the amp is rated for 4ohm. My question is will it hurt to put a higher ohm speaker in?
Yes, get a 8 ohm instead.
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Yes, get a 8 ohm instead.

I think you misunderstood. The stock speaker that is in my amp currently is a 4ohm. What i purchased to replace it is an 8ohm because that is the only thing available in either the eminence or the celestion. Will the larger ohm speaker hurt? Thanks!
It will reduce the volume of your amp by about half. 4 ohm speakers are not very easy to find. The companies use them as they are easier to push than an 8 or 16 ohm so the power amp section can be smaller. Jenson mod series has a few in 4 ohm or run 2 8 ohm speakers to get 4 ohms.
I don't know if your amp is all tube or not.
A transistor amp will put out less power with a higher than stock ohm speaker.

An all tube amp will not like a higher ohm speaker but will tolerate it.
A higher ohm speaker on an all tube amp CAN actually hurt the amp if you crank it a lot.

Just had to post my results... I called Eminence and spoke to one of their techs and he told me I should be just fine with the 8ohm speaker. He said "in fact, you may not even notice any loss of volume because the Ragin Cajun is a VERY effecient speaker." Well he was 100% correct.

I hooked this bad boy up with no problem and it sounds absolutely awesome!!! With the stock speaker it would kinda break up at times and the bass notes were kind of flabby. Now it hits much harder and is very clear. And is still very loud, I have no problems making my ears ring at home . Im extremely happy with the Eminence Ragin Cajun upgrade. For $65 with free shipping it is WELL worth it.

Now im going to order a new pre-amp tube to see what kind of difference that makes. Looking at the JJ/Tesla ECC803S.
what is the model number of the stock vox speakers in the vt30? i'm looking for the specs and frequency response.
Hi, i have a vox vt30 amp and was wondering if i would be able to improve the sound and perhaps even volume by rplacing the 10" vox original speaker with something more efficient and of better quality? If so, what speakers would you reccommend. P.S im form south africa
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