I wrote this on guitar pro for piano and violin and then got some nice VST plugins for the piano and strings and whipped it up together in Cubase. It's a short piece only 2:30 or so. First time I've written anything for a piano or violin and it's for a gal so I want it to be pretty damn good.

It's on my profile Here
Nice song, would be really good if you added some more strings, especially for some high notes. The part at 0:10 doesn't sound right and put me off a little but it got much better as it progressed. Good title also, really fitting for the song. Great job overall, have a peek at my songs in my profile, mine are piano/strings too.
Nicely written -I love a bit of piano! Top marks for not trying to overcomplicate things - it's no Brandenburg Concerto, just a nice, easygoing melody.

My only tip is to maybe stick a bit more 'verb on the piano than you'd normally use. Even though dry piano might sound better in many cases, when you're using sampled virtual instruments a lot of reverb can help make it sound more realistic. If you've got the time, hand-tweaking the velocity levels can also make it much more realistic. What piano plugin did you use, out of interest?
I've never written more than about 40 seconds' worth of arrangement in Guitar Pro without getting fed up, so 2:40 is an achievement in itself!

Either way, congrats on a nice piece - that 'ding-ding-ding--ding-a-ling-ding' melody's going to be bouncing round my skull for hours, I fear...