hey guys,

i have a design i want painted on a white strat pickgaurd...any ideas where i would go to get it professionally done. i dont have any small guitar shops around that would do it. i was hoping u guys knew a website that i could send a jpeg in and they would do it.

There's absolutely no reason to go to anyone guitar-related. If you don't want to do it yourself (seriously, anyone can spraypaint) take it to a local artist. I'm sure you can find someone willing to paint for a small commission, no matter where you live.

PS: what design did you have in mind?
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i wanted to put some kind of rose on a white pickguard. it would be going on an arctic white strat with a maple fretboard. i will most likely find a pic of a rose that i really like and then photoshop it with some effects.

i thought about a local artist which is what i will prolly end up doing. i dont have the skills to paint something like that on my own tho
You may have luck with a screen printing/ sign shop. Just make sure you spray over the finished design with some sort of enamel.
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