How is everyone doing? i need help in deciding which wah to buy ?

-Im only going to use it with a distorted guitar(not metal).
-Specially in solos
-Perhaps a wide range wah.
-I need it to be a screaming slash,jimmy hendrix or pearl jam like wah
-It cant be more expensive than $120 ,so $90 or $100 would be perfect.
-If it has like a volume control so i can set it to be louder when i turn it on
so my solos sound louder.But this isnt a must.
-like i said i dont care about the clean sound.

Ive heard good things about the ibanez sweeping demon,crybabys and vox. But Ive seen that everyone that uses them or recommends them gives more importance to the clean sound than the distorted one.

I thank everyone in advance i need as many advice as posible to choose a wah.
Morley Bad Horsie, they're listed around 200$ US but I've saw one around 130-140$ CAN
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The Dunlop Crybaby classic is probably the best you can get for the price you listed. It's the normal crybaby with true bypass and a red Fasel. It doesn't have the volume control, but it sounds better than just about every other wah in it's price range. The Vox v847 is ok too. Also solid for the money.

They'll both do the whole Slash thing fine, but neither will really do Hendrix stuff that well.
Quote by Skierinanutshel
vox 847......you can do some easy mods to give it a more "vintage" sweep and sound, but it is also very nice stock.

arent these better for Clean or Low gain? I would go with Crybaby of some kind, or a Morley. also there is a Ultimate Wah thread that would pretty much sum up your question.
The bad horsie, from what I've noticed has one of, if not the largest sweep to it. It really cuts through with a large amount of distortion.

A modded crybaby, crybaby from hell, or 535Q would also be a great choice.
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