Something that really annoys me is when people are told to stop listening to the music they like because they are "overrated" or are "bad musicians."

I have seen this happen here before.

Nobody has the right to tell anyone who to listen to or not. You can listen to whatever you want. I hear most people saying this about most of those pop-punk bands like Green Day, and other bands. Some kid says they like Green Day, and then everyone starts complaining about how Green Day sucks and got worse over the years, and to listen to better bands.

Thats not ****ing right. People can listen to whatever they want. If someone who is reading this has gotten yelled about what I talked about, just ignore those people and do your own thing. Do whatever you want.

Overall, I just think that nobody has the right to tell someone to stop listening to a band, and if their taste of music sucks.


By the way, I am not judging everyone on UG. Some people are fine with other people's tastes in music, but I still have seen some people make fun of the other people's tastes.
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Ya know what really grinds my gears?

people who tell people not to tell people how to be ....
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Stop listening to so much NOFX.
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If you live in Australia, save your internet:

stop listening to whatever you're listening to. it's absolute crap, obviously, since everyone makes fun of you for it.

....just kidding. just don't worry about it. no one's opinion should matter to you but your own
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