I have a Fender Frontman 15g

which is pretty bad right?

so i was thinking aboutgetting another one, and in another post a guy said that getting a 30 watt 12x2 was the right thing to buy...

I play classic rock and whata good distortion sound....

I dont gig yet...

any amount of money too
Getting a 30 watt Frontman will not be an upgrade to the 15. You would need the 100w 212 to make a difference. Mine is for sale btw

Also, you better give us some kind of budget or we'll recommend a Splawn Competition or a Marshall JVM.

Just get a Peavey Classic 30.
sorry, i didnt make it clear that i wanted a different amp :/

not the crappy fender one lol

so like uner £200 please

i was thinking about vox ad50vt
the vox is very good. .Check out the new one that is VT50 not AD50VT, newer style,design and maybe tone
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Cornford amps ftw - www.cornfordamps.com

This guy speaks sense!!!

Oh what's that? Your spending £200? oh.. well nevermind because yes the Vox valvetronix amps are very good for the money!