Is it bad for an electric guitar to be next to a hot radiator all day?
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well, if your planning on using your guitar for firewood it wouldnt matter.
but if your planning on playing your guitar dont put it next to the radiator.

one question, what is your guitar doing next to a hot radiator??
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Yes it is, which is why my Strat is in a very inconvenient place and my squier is next to the radiator.

i love my squier so much!
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I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea to put anything that isn't meant to be burned next to a radiator...
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I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea to put anything that isn't meant to be burned next to a radiator...

This. Also, I lost the game.
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Oh you're good.
it's not a problem, you won't need warm up than
just kidding, i was thinking about it few days ago, but of course it's not good.. if you care about your guitar