Which would would you recommend buying? x.x I have two LTDs, EX-400 and F-400.
I've seen some people say that if I have those there's no point in getting the prophecy because there is no difference but I've yet to play either an EC-1000 or Les Paul Prophecy
The EC has 81/60... I was going to replace the 60 with an 85 anyways like I did on the F-400
The Prophecy EX already has the 81/85 combination and I must say that quilted maple ebony finish is beautiful.
I haven't heard much on Epi from the metal scene though... and I'll be playing Trivium/Metallica type stuff.. Sujestions?
Btw, there is no shop anywhere within 200 miles of here that has them so I couldn't just go try them out.
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Despite I'm not a big Epi fan and usually I'd suggest the Eclipse as a non-Gibson Les Paul for the metal head, I must say the Prophecy is quite a winner. The 24 fret neck is not too thin yet not as thick as your average gibson specification LP and the pickups are well combined, even in the passive Dirty Finger configuration. So in my opinion go for it, as far as metal goes it's one of the best Les Pauls out there and it would deserve the Gibson logo.

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My personal opinion is that a TON of people here and on other popular guitar sites rave about the EC-1000, it's really hard to find a bad review of it, so I would prefer the proven reliability over the long-term of the EC-1000. Epi's seem to have some people that love them, and some people that hate them - I had one Epi Les Paul, like probably everybody gets at some point sooner or later, and after about 3 months of playing 30-60 minutes-per-day, 5-6 days-per-week, the switch and then the pickups and then the wiring all started giving me problems. I will likely never own another Epi because of the expense and trouble I had with that guitar, but now I've moved up to Gibson's and ESP's (not LTD), etc. FYI, I have an ESP Eclipse II, with the JB/59's instead of the EMG's, and it's a REALLY well-made guitar. This guitar is the next step up from the EC-1000, and a lot of people say they're basically the same guitar, except the LTD's are made in Korea, whereas the Eclipse is made in Japan.
I am not a huge fan of LTD guitars the are mediocre at best until you spend a big wad of dough on some of the higher priced ones or even more on the better ESP line.

The EC-1000 is a very nice looking guitar but I think dollar for doallar the Epi is the better choice. The Epi Prophecy guitars are amazing you need to go and try them then try the LTD. LTD is the low end of ESP guitars if you want a real good ESP get an actual ESP they are fantastic. Dollar for dollar I think your getting more guitar with the Prophecy and less bling your paying for a lot of Abalone on the EC-1000 probably $300.00 worth IMHO. I haven't played on e yet I didn't love. You need to see if you can get to try them side by side. Not many guitar shops carry LTD or ESP guitars around here after MARs Music went belly up there are not many places to get your hands on an ESP/LTD and I don't know why.

You already own a could LTDs so maybe you will want to keep with that brand if you like them but go out and try a couple of the Prophecy's.

I love the Eclipse. Never tried a prophecy yet though.
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