i recently bought a ibanez SZR520 dark honey sunburst

but i can tell if its full sized or not

i dont know alot about guitars so i dont know what size is full and
whats a 3/4

but any help would be useful!

thanks (:
??? It's a standard sized guitar.

Do you mean the scale? If so, the neck's scale is 24 and 3/4 (or 24.75).
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so your saying its a full size :S

Sunn O))):
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yes it's a full size. 3/4 or travel size guitars look tiny compared to a normal guitar.
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lol thanks
wow i just re read my comment
i sound like an air head (:

No problem. Nothing wrong with asking questions, that's how we all learn.

And don't worry, it's not like we know what you look like