I just bought this, now I'm liquidating my gear because I don't play it anymore. For info on attenuators check this. (It's not a link to a sale, purely informational. Don't warn me.)

I have had some good comments from my customers (thank you!) and have decided to make a couple of improvements to my Original Tube Cube.
So, This is version 3 for 2008, with dual outputs, 160watts 8 or 16 ohm adjustable, new style case with carry handle.
Same sound, same parts and specs, however, this one is much more rugged with a metal enclosure, additionally, comes equipped with a beefy volume Knob.

Also, for you DIYers out there, this enclosure can be opened up.
Thanks for looking!

Tube Cube, Deluxe160
Do you love the cranked up tube amp sound but cant stand to listen to the neighbors complain?

Do you get tired of practicing LOUD, or do you play small clubs that want a lower volume?

Then you need a Tube Cube, It is a Power Attenuator without the high price of the name brands..

Tube Cube plugs in between the Guitar or Bass Amplifier and the Speaker using standard 1/4 inch jacks, (It is a power soak/sink, power brake, not the cheaper type that plug in the effects loop).

Please Please see the guide I have written all about attenuators, and scams, here: http://reviews.ebay.com/Tube-Amp-Attenuator-Tube-Cube-Part-1_W0QQugidZ10000000004040239

Now directly connect multiple speakers without worry, your amp drives the cube at your selected impedance even with extra cabinets connected, or no speakers attached at all.

My setup is a Fender Blues Deluxe and a Strat and ES335, the setup sounds awesome.

You can now crank your amp volume control up to obtain the best possible crunch tone, while keeping the speaker volume at a much lower level.

It is "impedance matched" which means it is adjustable for a wide range of impedance settings, via top mounted slider switch. (8 to 20 ohms) regardless of speaker impedance. Many Fender amps use 8 ohms.

Each amplifier has an ideal impedance rating that it expects to see from the speaker. This unit lets you adjust your load to match your amp, while running multiple speakers. Now you can run 2 or more speaker cabinets from your amplifier safely.

The Unit will handle up to 160 watts and has 12 volume positions, from OFF to full on.

In all volume positions, the unit maintains the appropriate load on your amplifier output stage.

Also comes with a 3 foot long speaker cable."

$120 ppd! no trades.
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Quote by lefthandman9876
how much shipped to england?

and does this ruin your tone like most cheap attenuators?

well for now, i'd like to keep it in the states.

and what are called "cheap attenuators" are really just volume pedals. this is not. it's placed between your head and cab as opposed to in your effects loop. my link will give you a lot more info than I can.

within you lay everything
every key
every secret

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Is this a resistor or speaker motor based attenuator?
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