I have been wanting to change my user name and I am wondering how to.I don't care if my account has to be deleted and a new one has to be made.So is there any way I can get this done?
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I'm not sure this is possible. Send a PM to the admin.
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I'm not sure this is possible. Send a PM to the admin.

Who is that?
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nope, not gonna happen.

usernames are changed very very very very rarely. i can only recall two instances where a usename is significantly changed. frenchy is more willing to give you a capital letter or maybe change a letter if you're lucky but there's no massive changes unless he loves you a lot.
the admins also don't delete accounts because they need to keep records (or something like that), and it's forbidden to start a new account (they will find out about a multiple account and you will be banned for a while depending on your record, your new account will be permanently banned).


I just wanted to change to something other than my real name. But I guess that isn't happening
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We don't change usernames, it leeds to a loss of data integrity.

I've no idea what that is, just quoting Till.
I forgot my password so I made a new account then found the password somewhere and got the choice to choose between my old or new account
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