ok ive been sweep picken for a while now but now im struggling with incorperating into my bands play style, and i only know sweeps that other people have shown me. and when in comes to writing sweeps on my own i havent the slightest clue on how to do so. ive been trying to make sweeps over different scales and modes and stuff, and i was wondering if there might be a better way. i dont know im kinda lost right now so any help would be appreciated. oh and if somthin in one of the stickies talks about this let me know cuz im must have missed it.
find an arpeggio of a chord that would work over the song you are playing and sweep that.
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Fit them over the chords...

if your band is playing an Amaj chord for a bar, play an Amaj arpeggio, or an Amaj7, or any other variant on an Amaj chord you can think of... vary your picking to create new phrases... (like sweep three notes, come up one, sweep three, up one... which would fit in 4/4 if u used 8th notes) experiment with using straight triplets, straight 16ths, straight 8ths, then combine them...
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