Hey guys and girls,
Ive just started to get into blues and ive started a bit of soloing with the help of http://12bar.de.
ive been using the backing track generator
ive created a backing track in the Key of E using the Standard 12 bar sequence/interval?
1-1-1-1-6-6-1-1-8-6-1-8 now what im getting confused about is when the pitch of the 12 bar sequence changes at 6 and 8, how do i know what scales to use? on the site it says 6 is A but then what is 8? i am quite confused any help would be much appreciated


That's the whole point of choosing a key - if your progression is in E then you'd solo in E, for blues then you'd use Em pentatonic or E blues, which is just Em pentatonic with an additional flat 5th.
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I see what you're talking about now.

Yes, that's because they've set typing the number 1 to play a bar of the first note in the scale. If you're in E, it's E. Typing 6 gives you the IV, in E this is A. Does that clear it up?
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Yes Yes perfect sense now.
Just one last Q, how do i know which key corresponds to each number?
I don't really understand your question, are you sure you don't mean which note corresponds to each number?

A standard blues progression goes : I, IV, V. This is the same for all keys, however the note changes.

On that site, Number 1 gives you the I, Number 6 gives you the IV, Number 8 gives you the V.

Those numbers mean nothing outside of that program/site. You know the I, IV and V by learning them, it's very simple.

In fact: if you take a power chord on the E string, and take it down to the A string you have your IV. Move it up 2 frets and you have the V. So in A for example:

I - A
IV - D
V - E
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Yes thats cleared up thanks sorry im just being dumb today :/
You might also ask the author of the script (me), so the page can be improved
I choose semitones because it allows all notes (even if it doesn't sound good ).
There's a small table in the options which explains the semitones in relation to the I/IV/V scheme.

And yes, you can use the E Blues scale over all chords. But you have some options...