Yeah, ok basically, I've got a LP spinoff-mabob that simply has an awful time staying in tune...now, I'll admit that it still has the stock strings on it, but I figure that could not possibly be the problem(they're like 8's).<.<

So the question is, Should I buy new tuning machines for it or a new bridge...or both?

if youve got te money get some grover locking tuners
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


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try new strings. (cheapest solution first)

leave em on for a couple of weeks but if they still fail THEN get a set of locking tuners.

that SHOULD do it, but if it doesn't sort it then i reccomend taking it to a guitar shop and telling them your problem
eh...I'm not really willing to spend a whole lot on it...would'nt seem worth it imo...the guitar itself probably was cheaper than grovers.=p

I can do the strings though.
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If the strings have been on there a year, then you seriously need to change them. That will be why they are detuning. A year old strings would look, feel and sound awful...
Get the new machine heads first if new strings doesnt solve your problem, I had this same problem until I realized that I needed to change my strings because I had them on since I got the guitar
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hrm...I didn't know they could screw it up that much.=O...=p

Though as I recall, it was not always this bad.>.>
What the **** its seems pretty obvious! NEW STRINGS NOW, WHAT ARE YOU WATING?


Get new strings. Seriously.
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