Anyone know the difference (if there is any) between the nanoweb and polyweb elixir guitar strings? They both cost the same so I was just wondering if one was better than the other. thanks
the polywebs have thicker anti corrosion coating than the nanowebs.
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they both pretty much say the same thing, superthin nanoweb/polyweb coating to extend string life 3-5 times and prevent rust
I've heard that the polywebs retain their tone for longer, but it's more dull than the nanoweb to begin with. Conversely, the nanowebs start out brighter, but fade more quickly.
Perty Much what everyone is sayin' here is tht if your like some BIiiiIIggg Rockstar and all that them nanowebs are good fur you my friend
The polywebs are for those that barely get out to them local shops
you know what i'm sayin' boy

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