hey,i am looking for a versatile guitar with a good trem under $500.I have heard very good things about the OFR and the ZR bridge.So i have narrowed my choices down to these two



I have played my friends assassin px3t and really liked it.This bcr has similiar features albeit a lesser price.I only have doubts about the OFR on that and the overall reliability.

The havent tried the ibanez but i have heard that the ZR on it is great.My only worry is the pickups.I had an rg321 and the pickups where kinda crappy.This one has similiar pickups.Considering the fact that decent pups alone costs another $150, i am just wondering whether its actually worth it.Also,when i installed a d-sonic/evo in my 321,it nearly cost me $250.suggestions..
ive got the s320 and its amazing for its price. locking tuners mean you can do all sorts of crazy **** on the whammy. its got decent clean sounds and the bridge pickup sounds amazing under distortion.
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You can almost even swing a used Ibanez RG1570 or RG2550 at that price, if you're willing to buy used - otherwise, I'd still go Ibanez...
It's not an OFR on there, it's a licensed one
I'd go for the Ibanez out of the 2
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oh..it aint an OFR ?..It was stated in bcrich.com that it was an original floyd but it seems like the ibanez is better.how is the weathered finish and the hardware especially the pickup selector switch .? Do they seem reliable ..?..Also,if i could get another $100,would i be able to get a guitar with an awesome trem and pickups ?...is the s320 MIJ ?
n also..if a string snaps ,do the other strings stay perfectly in tune if the stopbar is placed ??..how does havin the stop bar affect the ability of the trem to raise the pitch..
Neither have an OFR. The BC Rich has a LFR which is pretty good, but inferior to the original.

You should go try them out first in a store.
Doesn't matter if you played a similar version, they aren't the same guitars.

Few guitars will have an OFR, maybe none for $500 but a LFR should do pretty well.

Also, what is your amp?
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stop tail bridges are good too...

now you heard good things about stop tails
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i already have my rg321 for all the non trem related work.n i have a crate v-18 n a valveking and a gt 10.I was actually tryin to save up for a jem universe, but i il probably need another year for that..My friend just told me about a jackson guitar ,dk2m ...is it any good ??..Its 599 but its got some decent pickups.How is the trem in that?..Overall,will the dk2m be better than a s320 with a pickup change ..