Hey guys. Been writing this the last couple of days, it's metalcore sorta thing but I've tried not to make it too generic... I dunno how successful I've been with that! Anyway, C4C as usual. Thanks.
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dude, that rocked

it was a bit generic with the chord progressions..

but who cares! you made them work

the guitars played off each other really well

i really liked the riff on guitar 1 from bars 106 to 113

the breakdownish parts where pretty tight as well

and the tempo changes didnt seem forced imo, which is good

my complaint is that the drums had too much crash at points, which made it sound really busy

and if you panned the guitars left and right, it sounds alot better

all in all, i think this gets a 8.5/10

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Thanks man. I'll try out what you've said
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It seems like All That Remains style riffing to me. Guitar legato harmonies were pretty good.
Also, the ending breakdown picking patern was awesome.

Crit the one in my sig?
So yeah, I'm loving this.

Only touble I can see is that part at the beggining where the drums get overly busy, It might be an idea to tone that down a bit imo. Although now that I've mentioned that it seems its already been brought it your attention haha never mind. The tempo changes, for me, came out of no where. Now, thats not a bad thing at all may I add! I love songs that keep me on my toes, the second time you do it however it lost a bit of its interest, but whatever its all good right lol.

For a genre thats been over done, over played, and drained of all its life, you've done hella well with all these amazing riffs you're throwing around. It never really gets majorly boring. You know?

Sorry I can be of much more help on this, I couldn't really find much wrong with your transitions or anything major like that so I end with one last comment...

Fantastic stuff matey!

Would it be any trouble?
**** yeah, nice work.
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Whoa, this song is awesome as.
The whole song is just kick arse.
The riff at 48, was not as good as it could have been, but still good.
Great job.
One thing I did not like about this was the gratuatious use of chugging breakdowns.
I find that 80% of metalcore is good, until they have to bust out the obligatory chugging bs.

The leads and other riffs were strong.
Very strong. They kept my interest and were engaging.
Those are some good twiddlies you got there.
The harmonization between the 2 guitars was also great.

Rhythmically, not bad, aside from the breakdowns.
It didn't really pop up at me much, but it was still good.

Ooooh, the solo.
That also didn't really stick either. It just kinda got pushed to the side and wasn't very dynamic.
Maybe a couple of bends, vibratos, slides, etc. here and there would help.

Good song. 7.5/10 because of the breakdowns. This would be higher if you implemented something more---hmm---"pleasing".