Hey chaps

I'm not quite sure of the term for these cables but could your recommend some for me?

No budget, want high quality stuff
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I make my own using georgeL's cable and the angle ends. Can make em an way needed that way for a good fit.
I only use planet waves cables, they're great.
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thanks guys any more suggestions? Liking the fulltone so far but I'm in the uk
Ibanez PGM301 signed by Paul Gilbert
Ibanez PGM 500
Ibanez Fireman custom
Saving for a GH100L/VH100R
Orange PPC212 2X12
Dimarzio is my second favorite cable. Great bang for buck, no BS cable.
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cleartone. http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html

i see you already went for dimarzio, they're meant to be quite good but i haven't tried them. i know that those cleartones are awesome and extremely cheap as well (though their patch cables are a similar price to those dimarzios, you wouldn't have really saved anything by going for cleartones in this case).
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dimarzio cables or good they seem never to wear out.
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I've seen George L's cable pack thingy. Is it any good?
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More than 4-6$ for a patch cable seems ridiculous to me. Just get an old instrument cable, chop it up into 6 inch segments, then solder some angled plugs onto the ends. If you care about quality, use a monster cable or something.