So I got a Taylor DN3 a whiillleeee back and I still have the stock strings on it. However, I'm planning on getting new strings and would like to have a lower gauge on it. I mostly play in standard on acoustic, but I like playing DADGAD because of drifting (and ECDGAD when I get around learning Rylynn - Andy Mckee).

So, what gauge strings should I get for those tunings? Also, what is the standard gauge strings for acoustics anyway? (like how electrics usually come with .9s)
Acoustics generally come with 11s. Try not to go any lighter, it kills the tone imo. Much more full with higher gauge sets. I use 12s minimum.
I've got 11's on at the moment. Got some 10's to try out sometime, but 11's seem nice
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mine came with 12's. 11's should be a safe choice
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