k. i just got done writing this one. and im curious to see what people think about it.

This song is about dying, going to hell, and coming back. Enjoy :]

verse 1
I never cared then,
Now there's no time to start,
Just throw in the dirt,
Place soil on my heart,

Sleeping in the shadows,
Soon I'll face this pain,
Burning hands grip tight,
As I cast below my grave,

Crawling to no avail,
No climate to shed a tear,
Only guilt ridden screams,
To penetrate my ears,

Years go by,
Your moments in life,
I exist here to waste,
This pain is my prize,

chorus 1
Feeble and drained,
I long to escape,
This hopeless home,
Where I'm brutally enslaved,

Weighted with torment,
By force I shall hide,
Confined I will live,
In endless demise,

verse 2
Deep in the shadows,
Exists the prominent shape,
Of that tyrant of torture,
Intact with rage,

Inumerous hands,
Pull back my remains,
To an ocean of bodies,
Soaked in pain,

He walks on this ocean,
Destroying his path,
I'm caught by the throat,
With his sinister laugh,

Singing the name,
That labeled my life,
I soon see his face...
Realizing it's mine,

end chorus 2
A fright so intense,
Eye's closing again,
The heat subsides,
And comfort begins,

A sound so familiar,
A silence so great,
I open my eyes,
To the darkness at stake,

Now is the time,
I'll know insane,
Claustorphobically defined....

I'm trapped in my grave.
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