Hey guys. So I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an MIM strat soon. The thing is, the guy in the shop hasnt got it in stock and he has to order it in. The only color thats available to him is green. But he doesnt actually know the name of the color. I checked the fender.com color chart but I know that it doesnt list every single color. Can you guys tell me what different green colors MIM strats come in?

Much appreciated.
in my opinion, thats the nicest colour a strat could ever be.
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its a tom delagne model!


nah it looks okay, not as good as sexy olympic white or C.A.R

But it's a MIM...
i agree with rockinlewis, best color for a strat ever.

and ive seen darker green ones, but i think those were custom painted. looked pretty neat. id get one in the surf green or darker green

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Cool, Thanks guys

I still have to find out if it has a maple 'board. If it does, I'll definitely go for it!

While I'm here, does anybody own one? Whats the quality like? Are they reliable? I'm gonna change the bridge pickup to an SD HotRail for a heavier sound.
I have a 60s CS Strat, MIM, and its great. It's comfortable, but I'd prefer a maple fretboard.
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They only come in this colour I believe.

this is mint, one of the best strat finishes IMO.
But the guy might be thinking, and most likely be thinking, gloss green.
which is this heavy dark glossy green.
looks kinda vivid on a strat, i dont like it too much
It could also possibly be ocean turquoise, which is probably my favorite strat color. And surf green comes in second place.