Sorry if this is the wrong place for this... it seemed the most appropriate that I could see.

If anyone here can play this song, I'm struggling with the run at 1:56
I can play it, just not anything like the correct speed.

Did anyone else struggle with this?

Im having the same problem with the actual solo, just getting the speed...
Use a metronome, and start very slowly, and gradually build up your speed with a metronome till you reach full speed. Expect to take several hours. Make sure your playing is accurate and clean, and don't push too hard!
once you get the tecqnique of it it isnt too difficult just try to do small wrist move ments and make sure the pull'offs are comeing through cleanly
So just practise? Yeah I can play it clean enough just cant get it anything like the speed...

Dyou guys know if he picks every note or just pulls off?