Hi, i was thinking of buying a Boss ME-50 guitar effects pedal, the thing is that i play both bass and electric guitar.. I was just wondering will this effect pedal work on both my guitar and bass?
bass effects work for guitar, guitar effects don't sound very good for bass
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One word: Not very well it wont, best to stick to bass effects for bass and guitar effects for guitar because they were not intended to handle the differing frequencies.

/\ Actually yeah some bass effects work on guitar but they do not have a very guitar suitable tone, they work pretty well on Acoustic guitars I find though.
Modulation effects work fine for the most part...things like delay, reverb, tremolo, phaser, etc. Anything that has a high-pass filter like distortion, or has its frequencies tuned to a guitar's range like an octaver, is generally not going to work well. Usually you just lose a lot of low end and have a thin tone. In the case of digital choruses, ovtavers, whammies, harmonizers, and a few others you'll get bad tracking errors and the effect will be pretty much unusable. You can't cause damage to anything, though, so feel free to try out anything you like.

Bass effects generally work fine for guitar, though the tone can be very, very muddy. If the pedal has an EQ built in, you basically have to turn bass all the way down.
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I use a searchbar effect on my bass. Meant for guitar, but sounds fine.

Enough with lame jokes, yeah, you'll get NO low end from most guitar distortion, though some mod effects (chorus, flange) will sound a bit more natural.

Some guitar distortions like the Ibanes TS9 Tube Screamer and the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive sound OK in moderation on bass, and won't suck the **** out of your low end. Try out a BBE Sonic Stomp, too. Gives you a decent boost in fatness for your bass tone, and could potentially help with the low end sucking problem.
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Well bass effects sound better with bass and guitar effects sound better with guitar. But of course you can switch things. Sometimes i use my bass multi-effects pedal on guitar and it sounds pretty good.
I wouldn't fancy an ME-50 much with bass. But from experience, I can say that guitar effects can work fairly well with bass. My Marshall Shredmaster and my DOD envelope filter do a damn fine job! On the other hand, my Boss CS-3 and DOD octaver aren't so good...
If you need them for guitar and bass, you're as well to just buy what you fancy, and see if it sinks or swims.
my bass wah works well on guitar, though a lot of effects don't go both ways, best getting one for each.