Hey guys im new here, and i know you get alot of these questions but i thought i'd asked anyway. Im thinking about selling my line 6 spider III 75 watt amp to get a Kustom Quad 65DFX. Now im thinking of doing this because im not into the distortion and tone on the spider, but ive seen covers and such on youtube with people using the Kustom amp and i love the tone i think its great but i just wanna hear your guy's thoughts.
sell it
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the Kustom is just another mediocre SS amp. if you're gonna upgrade, you might want to either look into some Randalls (either SS OR tube), or start looking at some Bugeras. your tone isn't going to improve that much IMO.
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Well im mainly going for the amp because it already has a good amount of effects on it and basically $300 is all i can go for but also i would want that amp because i was talking to this guy on youtube who had alot of covers in which he used the amp and i asked him few questions about it and he said that the tone is great and even with the effects on it still maintains the tone and its much better then my spider. But i mainly play things like led zeppelin, The Fall of Troy, the beatles, Metallica stuff along those lines. I know i might have a pretty odd taste in music but it only matters that i like what im playing eh?
Thanks highway i might look more into that amp but for now i gotta ask my father if he'll even let me sell it wish me luck
the Kustom is actually pretty nice for a solid state amp. the quads in particular have a nice rock sounding distortion with a usable EQ. i have the old KGA series and its a good metal amp.

however, most people when they've been suckered into getting a spider, usually graduate to a tube thats miles beyond the things like spiders and MG's. the Kustom Quad.. well its good but for not that much difference in price you might be able to get better!
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Might want to think of getting an amp with out all the gizmos and get a multiFX pedal or the stomp boxes you think you need.
I dont know guys i hear some saying its good and some saying its not so good but i cant just go out and get a amp with out effects on it because i would have no money for pedals well depending on how much they would cost me but im still not sure ive seen the Kustom Quad being played before and i was rather impressed by the tone and effects.
not meaning to double post here but would one of those line 6 multifx pedals help my tone issue and be able to offer the effects that Thomas from the Fall of troy uses?
burn it....oh..i mean sell it

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Keep the spider for a while longer and save up for a good od (Fulltone, maxon i've heard good things about) and a good amp.

Dunno how well the Super Champ takes pedals...you should ask around for that.
Thanks unet but i just found out that im gonna have to keep it longer my parents won't let me sell it yet i got to prove to them that i deserve to get a new amp, basically i got to learn something amazing or play a zeppelin song all the way through since my dads a fan of em. wish me luck