I just need a good one. It doesnt really have to be traditional but thats fine. Any kind of chords or finger pickin i could sing along to is really what im lookin for. And if its not traditional than make sure its not very out there...i mean seriously, we're talkin about a gym mostly filled with old people lol. Difficulty doesnt really matter, escpecially in the way of chords... i can handle it (sorry if that sounds kind of arrogant lol but its true).I have about 2 weeks to get one so any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
'O Holy Night' would probably go down quite well.
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you could do I celebrate the day by relient k. its a piano in the cd, but you could just play the chords on the guitar and it still sounds pretty good.
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greensleeves.. theres a really good fingerpicking tab on here somewhere and its not too hard
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"I heard the bells on christmas day" version on Casting Crowns new CD.

Haven't been able to find the chords yet, but from what i can tell its

Capo 3

Em G A7sus D2 in the versus
Em G Em G ... D in the chorus
^ Hey I've been looking for chords on that! Awesome!

Also, the Dave Matthews Band has a really cool Christmas song. It's called (creatively) Christmas Song. No, it isn't the chestnuts roasting on an open fire song. Give it a listen.

Also, Little Drummer Boy is cool. If you can find a hand drum and do a simple rum pa pum pum on it, everyone will love it. If you can't find a drum, just flip your acoustic over and tap on the back.
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I'm not sure if there's a tab for it around here but there's some great jazzy swing versions of carols like Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. It sounds really good, especially if you've got some other insturments like brass/woodwind playing with you.
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