I have not really used my Peavey Classic 30 on the clean channel much so far, but I started playing on it, and after about 5 minutes of playing there is this huge hum that starts overpowering my playing and is shaking the room. I was only on volume 1.5, and I don't really understand what is happening with it. Any tube amp experts have any ideas? I looked at the back, and all of the power tubes were red hot. I don't think that should happen.

Can anyone help?
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I have a Peavey Classic 50 and that same thing happened to me and I sent it off to a tube amp technician and he said there were connections in it that needed to be resaudered. So I had that done and it sounds beautiful once again. Mine had a huge hum that would occur randomly like you said and also mine would crackle and pop when it was on clean. You could hit the top of it and it would make weird noises. So that's what it is if it does that.
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Same thing happened to my Fender Twin Reverb, 2 Power tubes were glowing red hot and burning the writing on them. Sent it in, they replaced the tubes and there was stuff that needed re-soldering. Hasn't happened since.
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