Ok so the title kind of a generalization....

I suppose that most of you metal-heads here have a solid network of friends who appreciate head banging and chugging out heavy riffs.

Unfortunately, I only have one person to do so with. As a result, I go to alot of metal concerts by myself. I am literally surrounded by people who completely despise metal music in all forms. My roomates (3 girls) cringe when I play queen solos and Guns and roses, dismissing it as "noise", when they go upstairs and dance to their ashlee simpson and country music

I think alot of it has to do with myself living on the U of M college campus where the metal community is virtually non-existent.

I guess it would be AWESOME to be sorrounded by a solid group of friends to hangbang with......

I envy you people that do...
You do know there's an entire FORUM dedicated to metal in here?

That makes the Pit the wrong place to post this.