Well i started playing guitar this year (in february).. i enjoy playing my guitar and i've been practicing A LOT.

I can do alternate picking, pinch harmonics, tap harmonics, my teacher says i have a good vibrato and i have good bends (she says that, i dont know)

BUT.. i can't sweep very well.. i've been trying for almost two weeks and still can't do any cool thing lol. THe best i can do is that JerryC exercise (tempo=120bpm)

I've been looking for exercises to improve the speed of my sweeps or something.

I've been practicing with THIS guitar pro exercise by JerryC but i need other songs/exercises to improve my sweeps..

thank you people
I can't really give you too much advice here because sweeping isn't my forte either, I would just practice more. You have to give it more than 2 weeks. The best thing to do is to work on accuracy before you work on bumping the speed up anymore.
start off slow, they way i learned to sweep is to have your picking and fretting hand 99.9% in sync with eachother, in terms of speed.

its ok if at first notes start to ring out, work on your speed then technique, or witch ever you prefer!


pick 1 chord at a time

later on you will be able to mix and match melodic/minor/major/augmented sweeps ect.
If you struggle with it it's a good idea to practise.
I think I remember Paul Gilbert saying once that he keeps getting a lot of emails from people who have started guitar recently and want advice of sweep picking and the only reply he gives is "Don't do it, play an easy song instead!"

There's not much point doing something way more advanced than you are currently capable off (no offense).
If you feel like you can do it with practice go for it!

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yeah i will keep practicing lol it might take me a while but im going to do it.. im not doing that bad i started playing this year :S

well thank you everyone

any suggestion of songs with easy sweeps?

EDIT: Now i can do the JerryC thing at the speed that should be (180bpm) NICE!!