I just ordered a Seymour Duncan JB bridge pickup to put in my Les Paul copy (going to wire it singlecoil). My question now is, what would it sound like if I put another (high output) bridge pickup in the neck position? I'm trying to get a more interesting sound. Thanks.
well brigde pickups already need way more output to compensate for the volume level. The string is louder near the neck pickup so a bridge pickup in the neck position will be really loud. It would be neat to hear tho.
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You'd just have to lower the neck pickup really low to compensate for the difference in volume. I'd probably do the same setup as you're doin in the bridge position, should sound interesting.
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it would sound a little darker, and noticeably louder unless compensated for, i have a bridge ver. seymour duncan jb jr installed in the middle position. it is set down lower, but not considerably.