Hi My Name Is Anthony, I Am 16 Years Old And I Have Been Playing Guitar For 2 1/2 Years. I Am Located In England, Liverpool, Merseyside.

I Am Looking For A Drummer, Bassist And Singer (Maybe Another Guitarist) To Make A Green Day/Foxboro Hot Tubs Tribute Band.
And Maybe Some One-Off Songs
And Maybe Write Some Of Our Own Songs, Inspired By Green Day/Foxboro Hot Tubs.. If We Get The Chance.

I Can Already Play: American Idiot, Jesus Of Suburbia, Espionage, Coming Clean, Longview, Welcome To Paradise, Basket Case, J.A.R, Geek Stink Breath, Walking Contradiction ,Nice Guys Finish Last, Scattered, All The Time, Are We The Waiting, Mother Mary, Stop Drop And Roll, The Pedestrian, She's A Saint Not A Celebrity.

So Yeah I Can Play Quite A Lot Of Green Day/Foxboro Songs Haha

Add & Message Me If Anybody Wants To.
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If only you lived here in CT. I have a guitarist whos upsessed with Green Day.
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