Has anyone heard about epiphone amps not being able to be sold in the UK unless the music shops sell 40% of Gibson stuff? The dude at Allegro was talking about it today because I asked if they could get an Epiphone Valve Standard.
I've got no idea, but if I pop into a guitar store sometime soon I'll double-check that for you.
Dawsons sell Epiphone amplifiers.

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Dawsons sell Epiphone amplifiers.

They are also in guitarguitar but the dude at allegro said that someone come in and wanted an epiphone amp, so they ordered 6 months ago and it still hasn't come.
Dawsons sell a lot of stuff tho, a lot of gibsons too
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Dawson have the epiphone amps in but they don't have the one that I want which is the 15w version.

EDIT: does anyone know how I can contact guitar guitar by email?
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