What do you guys think about the rickenbacher guitars? I'm looking into getting one. Probably a 12 string model, im fanatic about that. Opinions?
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I wish...
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I wish...

Same.. but what's a Rickencaker?
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rickencaker lol

never really played one
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Retro machines. Nice fat necks, quite neck heavy because of the double expanding truss rod, but the tone is gorgeous; jangle heaven. Build quality is immaculate.
beautiful guitars, first electric was a rickenbacker.
expensive though..
and i'd fix your title because when i read rickencaker i thought it was a knock off brand.
but that might bring UGers to your thread...idk
EDIT: and if you do get one...be sure to play it through a fender tube amp to get the ultimate sexual clean tone.
Rickencakes... YUM! In all honesty, gorgeous guitars. If you can get one, go for it.
I have had a couple in my day and they are one of the best made guitars I ever had. I was more of a Gibson collector than anything but never could pass up a Rick if the price was right. I have to say I did own a Rick bass and IMHO no one made a better bass. My only problem with Ricks is the price they do tend to be up there and even older ones bring top dollar now. Even at the high prices they are well worth it.

I would love a Rickencaker bass. Guitars, not so much.
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I like my 360 quite a bit. It's my favorite semi-hollow of theirs. Sadly, it's on ebay though.
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