What am I supposed to be seeing?

EDIT: Yes, Epi LP standards are nice.
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We need more detailed pictures to make a judgement. As is, you'd be taking a risk. Knowing Epiphone though, it should be pretty good.
thats like a fifth of the regular price...kind of suspicious.
but if its real and it works then its a great deal.
I like playing my guitars first, but with that deal i say go for it.
Unless its a fraud and someone on this site can spot it...but why make a fraud epi if you could make a fraud gibson?
I'd like to try it before I buy it, but I've got an Epi LP standard and I like it just fine.
The only problem i would have buying from this guy is that he doesnt have much feedback. I mean he could be a really honest person or he could not. Granted you could probably get insurance and stuff, but to stay on the safe side, its always more comforting if the seller has a high feedback rating
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like other people have said, if you're going to buy a guitar off the internet, i would highly recommend you try the guitar out somewhere else first, before buying it. But that's just what i'd do