Can anyone tell me how to record my guitar with FL studio?
For some reason it isn't working.
I'm using my multi-effect pedal's output, and inserting it into my sound card (not the speakers or mic place, but the other one - no idea how it's called) (using one of those things that go from big jack to 3.5mm jack)

Nothing is happening though, when I play my guitar. I can hear myself play through the computer, it's just that FL studio won't do anything. I've been able to record with my microphone though ... but how do I get the guitar to work???

Anyone got any ideas?

Mic' up the guitar amp maybe?
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Yea but I'm trying to do it through the pedal ... there's a lot of noise through the mic
So I kind of got it to work(by using the microphone input), but there's one problem: I'm importing a midi file in FL which has some basic drum. How do I make the drums play when I'm recording? (I want to be able to play them together afterwards)